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MM Margarete Miller

Collage Weekly Planner, (Vol. 3) - With assignments

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Ready for another 52 collage art assignments to keep you creating through another year?! 

All three volumes have different assignments, and there is no correct book order you need to start in. The weeks are left blank, which means you add your dates, if you would like to.

If you aren't familiar with the collage-art “assignments”, they are meant to be a guide, to steer you in the direction of assembling a collage. I provide a list of prompts (6 of them) to help you focus on specific paper items, rather than looking for inspiration without purpose or direction.

There are lots of reasons why you might want some guidance for creating collages:
- You are new to collage and need some ideas of what to work with.
- You’re short on time and want to complete something simple.
- You’ve been doing collage art for a long time but have gotten bored, and need some quick exercises to get you productive again.

This planner encourages to be productive, be keeping organized, but also encourages you to be creative. If you'd like a little more art in your life, doled out at weekly intervals, then this is the planner for you ;-)