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MM Margarete Miller

Days of Observance - Printable of Assignments only

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Download and print the 30 assignments only, for the

Days of Observance - Journal and Gluebook

Though many of these days aren’t officially recognized or celebrated on a grand scale, they are fun to think about none the less. Have you ever heard of National Mathematics Day or World Post Day? I hadn’t until I started researching. I love the idea of marking the occasion with a celebratory collage. 


In some of the assignments there is an option for you to journal instead of collage. Maybe the assignment gets you thinking about a memory or idea you’d rather explore through writing. The choice is yours.

There are 3 versions of this title:
digital - assignments only, to print at home.   **This listing**
digital - the entire book, to print at home
physical - the actual book - SOLD OUT