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MM Margarete Miller

*PRINTABLE* Vol 3 - Assignments only

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DOWNLOAD and PRINT this document of 52 collage art assignments.

Ready for another 52 collage art assignments to keep you creating through another year?! These assignments are the same ones that can be found in my Collage Weekly Planner book, volume 3.

All three volumes have different assignments, and there is no correct order you need to start in.

If you aren't familiar with the collage-art “assignments”, they are meant to be a guide, to steer you in the direction of assembling a collage. I provide a list of prompts (6 of them) to help you focus on specific paper items, rather than looking for inspiration without purpose or direction.

Some people are only interested in the list of assignments because they already have a gluebook they want to work in. These 52 assignments are spread out over 9 pages.

Print out the pages single-sided so you can cut them out and use them in your own collage gluebook.